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___ Communication

Epic MegaBoard _____/ discussion group for unreal

___ Editors

Nervedamage _____/ unreal utilities (geberal) NEW!
Terra Edit _____/ download terra edit (ftp) NEW!
Unreal Level Editor _____/ gt games´ CAD program for unreal

___ General Links

Ĉon's Unreal Config Page _____/ configure an unreal server
Clan Dircon - Unreal Skins _____/ find out what you need to know to make yourself an Unreal skin
evolve net _____/ unreal movies (macromedia flash required)
MarcEG's: Fps Universe _____/ *raze*, an unreal level pack
Unreal Resources _____/ download plenty of mods, skins, tools, faqs, patches and fixes
Unrealed Net _____/ extensive tutorials about editing, scripting, modelling and skinning
Totally Unreal _____/ news, tutorials, level reviews, player guides, known bugs and much more

___ Linux Links

Linuxgames _____/ the news NEW!

___ Mac Links

Mac's Unreal Page _____/ german website including a diary, selected downloads and links NEW!
T.W.S.F.K.A.M.U.O. _____/ unreal utilities and level packs for mac (formerly known as
Westlake Interactive _____/ unreal converted to the Macintosh platform

___ Modelling

3D Max Pro _____/ eerok's unreal model utility NEW!
Max's Modelling _____/ modeling, texturing, animation NEW!
Page of Thomas Baier _____/ a small uitility for Win95/NT to convert 3D files to a number of other 3D formats
Unrealed _____/ modelling faq NEW!
Unreal Modeling Import/Export Questionaire _____/ UnrealED doesn't provide anything to create or edit models for creatures, weapons or items. There is currently no plans to include a model editor, which isn't a problem considering all of the excellant 3D packages available for doing models. The only utility that is out to date is 3ds2unr. My problem is that I utilize Lightwave for creating models. 3ds2unr doesn't like the 3DS file that Lightwave will export. So I am currently in the process of developing a plug-in for Lightwave to create the Data and Animation files required by Unreal.

___ Scripts

24 Hour Unreal _____/ 24 Hour Unreal is in place as a central repository for the source code used in unreal mods, either as open source or in a slightly more restrictive way. Authors of existing modifications can place their code in the 24 Hour vault for others to use. This will hopefully reduce the time it takes to produce mods for unreal and increase their quaility.
Carnage CAM _____/ script package for easier creation of cinematic in-game cutsequences NEW!
IOUV v0.7 _____/ an unreal script
PathPoint _____/ about PathPoints and ObjectPath properties
Planet Quake _____/ object orientated programming NEW!
Plantet Unreal _____/ more than 30 tutorials about scripting NEW!

___ Skinning

IT Laboratory _____/ denish designers develop aliens NEW!

___ Technology

Righteous 3D II Page _____/ Voodoo II 3D graphic cards
Unreal Technology _____/ epic games´ official technology guide for unreal

___ Tutorials

Dr. SiN's UnrealED tutorials _____/ extensive editing tutorial
imeL007 _____/ construction tutorial NEW!
Model Skinning and Importing _____/ unwrapping your model for skinning and importing it into unreal
Planet Unreal _____/ unofficial unreal editing faq v0.11
Total Unreal _____/ about two dozen tutorials NEW!
Unrealed Net _____/ extensive tutorials about editing, scripting, modelling and skinning
Unrealized _____/ ask the expert NEW!
World Designer's Workshop _____/ all kinds of goodies to help you build unreal worlds on the net