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Liquid Shell is a passagework into the networks of micro-perceptions that allows provisional utopias to emerge between structured contingencies.
Liquid Shell is micro perception management for a detopia between spaces.
Micro-alliances, proximity zones, and packet affinity nodes advance on the collapse homomorphic states within Liquidshell architecture. Each border interface curves the trajectivities of informatic limits as anomalous transmissions, which can then assemble imperceptible infrastructures of bio-synthetic actions. These micro affects unbind the currents of directed mutability and re-shift the devouring force of commodity space.

By means of reformatting human processing and cognition telecommunications triggered deep structural modifications in a contemporary society, to name just a few here we can mention:
- formation of synthetic public space where instead of physical space users share phase space of protocols and packages on the Internet;
- development of synthetic products such as interactive worlds where patterns of perception are integrated into the content architecture;
- and finally as a result of two aforementioned factors, ongoing crystallization of synthetic content, i.e. origination of self-referential media discourses, which can not be explicated into text only formats.
Now we face the situation when not only space in which we navigate but space in which we think becomes reformatted and translated into media adequate format.

Liquidshell is a synthetic public space where both simulatory and social discourses merge within the neurointeractive architecture to form new biotronic sequences of time based content. From the structural point of view the architecture of Liquidshell mimics content formatting principles of neural networks which it encapsulates: it confronts society with flexible, interchangeable systems of perceptual references and spatial markers.
The utopia of publicly available fully integrated information systems available from different physical locations in its architectural homonymity resembles spurious memory constructs, which are responsible for the formation of new "languages" and hence new forms of content in neural networks.
Liquidshell opens neurological perspective of media and displays closure of alienation and desublimation of production through integration of a product and perceptual system.
Structurally, Liquidshell is designed to reflect on a forking effect of neuro and nodal economy which media imposes on contemporary culture and society. We utilized several precursory spaces and ideas developed in the last hundred years. To name just two most important:
- science art of the beginning of this century (which introduced a representation of abstract concepts by means of spatial forms);
- contemporary research in architecturally integrated information systems.

Production and Crew
Liquidshell is developed by The Thing Laboratories (
under the transcendental guidance of basicray (

- Vladimir Muzhesky » conceptual design | 3D design | interaction design | network spinology
- Wolfgang Staehle » conceptual design | rationality
- Gisela Ehrenfried » social matrix operator
- Ricardo Dominguez » propaganda advisor
- Uschi Reiter » graphic monads | interaction design | communications
- Jaehee Jung » 3D entities | graphic design | communications
- Un-Chi Wang » 3D architecture generator
- Walter Palmetshofer » future shell administrator
- Chien-Hung Yeh » interaction design | package wizardry